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All Signs Point to Preschool

As summer gets into full swing and we are coming up on a national holiday, there is no rest for the weary. This summer is full of planning, preparing, changing, and moving in different directions. Let's start with the first of what will hopefully be an annual series for teachers. We are diligently preparing for three separate workshops, one in each county, in August. We have been promoting them through fliers located in several coffee shops, including Port City Java, as well as direct emails. A link to our registration and payment can be found HERE.

The second is the continuation of some of our summer camp programs. Although we do not offer a full summer camp through Marine CSI, we do give local summer camp programs an option of a hands-on activity through our Watershed Walkabout program. We bring the supplies and the excitement of marine science into the camp setting. This summer, we are proud to partner with Camp Impact, AlphaBest Education, Inc., and Migrant Education Camp of Pender County.

The third is a work in progress and something we have been wanting to expand on for quite a while. We have been approached several times throughout the school year and summer about a PreK or preschool adaptive program. Marine CSI, since its inception, has always been a Kindergarten through high school based business. We bring resources and programs into traditional classrooms, but have never adapted our main program for this grade level. We are just now pushing our boundaries offering activities to PreK and Kindergarten groups this summer. This will be a first for us in expanding our program beyond the normal scope of our activities and we are up for the challenge!

As we move through summer, we want to be better prepared for the new school year and new opportunities for our business. This means focusing on expansion in the direction we are being pulled to go. After several inquiries about the possibility of a partnership with the preschool program at Cape Fear Academy, whether our program can be offered to PreK at traditional elementary schools, and whether our teacher workshops have resources for this grade level, we are now more focused than ever to achieve this goal. As for whether this will be its own program or an extension of our Watershed Walkabout program, we will see. Right now though, all signs are pointing to Preschool as our next phase.

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