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Marine CSI Ambassadors

We are so excited to announce a new opportunity for educators to learn more about our programs, curriculum, and activities!

Marine CSI has created a curriculum for environmental and marine science that you can incorporate into your science classes or teach as a weekly special at your school/facility! Our Coastal Curriculum provides you with lesson plans and background information for a FULL semester of environmental science and a FULL semester of marine science for your students to enjoy.

NEW FOR 2024! Our Ambassador program takes our workshops to a whole new level, virtually and beyond, thanks in part to our partnership with NC Sea Grant. You will have the opportunity to receive a Marine CSI Ambassador certificate by completing this program in its entirety.

Here's how our program works: begin with our virtual webinar series, then complete tasks to implement our Coastal Curriculum into your school, and finally participate in an in-person workshop and learn how to facilitate one on your own!

When you apply for our Virtual Webinar Series, you will receive a workshop packet. This will include:

  • Three-part webinar PowerPoint presentations

  • ​ Access to our Google Classroom to complete questions and submit work

  • An exclusive invitation to join our community Facebook group (Marine CSI Ambassadors) to share in your progress

  • Our Coastal Curriculum and accompanying Explore Your Watershed Adventure Guide and Nature Journal mailed directly to you

  • Exclusive access to one of our future on-site, in-person workshops

​This step-by-step program will guide you to make marine and environmental science part of your weekly, quarterly, and yearly science curriculum, and as a Marine CSI Ambassador, you are helping us spread the love of our coastal ecosystems.

Don't hesitate to join us as a future Marine CSI Ambassador!

Cost of the program is $150 and is payable through our secure registration form using THIS LINK.​​​

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