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Spring is Just Around the Corner

With Spring just around the corner (I know, we barely got through Winter), it's time to think ahead and plan out the rest of our year. We're starting with a cool graduate course to feed us with oh-so-much information to better enhance our programming. DataStreme Ocean will engage us in the ocean as a system of the earth, oceanography, marine biology, ecosystems, and climate change. These weeks of training will really bring a new dynamic to our programs for the future and we're really excited!

Learning and teaching is our specialty, so any information we can absorb and teach, we will soak it up! This course is part of a program that brings together the information and data of the American Meteorological Society and NOAA with the learning modules of distance learning from the California University of Pennsylvania. We will then take the information and broaden our lessons to bring students the most up-to-date data we can.

Spring has sprung and we're ready to move forward with learning and teaching!

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