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Spring Has Sprung

As we look to the months ahead, we are reminded that change happens in its right season. During our colder winter months, we have been in our planning mode, a little different from the brumation of our fellow reptiles in the salt marsh. Instead of letting our metabolism slow down to the point of barely working our organs, as the diamondback terrapin has been known to do, we were hard at work behind the scenes to make our programs bigger and better.

What we now offer is a way for Girl Scouts to utilize our lessons in order to meet the requirements of some of their science badges and patches. Our Watershed Walkabout: Cape Fear outreach program and our Explore Your Watershed Adventure Guide can be used to assist the North Carolina Coastal Pines chapter of Girl Scouts fulfill these requirements. For more information about what which badges and patches we can assist with, visit our program page at

If you are outside of the radius of this local chapter, we can offer our resource books to you to help guide you through some of these requirements. All of our resource books, including our Explore Your Watershed Adventure Guide, can now be purchased hassle free directly on our website. For more information on all of our resources and where to purchase them, follow this link.

In the upcoming weeks, we'll be working on bringing more marine science information to the greater community, with videos and a new book in the Explore Your Watershed series. We will be recruiting specifically to homeschool students and Girl Scouts and we hope to be back in public schools by late spring. Stay tuned and updated through our Facebook page.

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