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School's Out For Summer!

As we begin the first unofficial week of summer, we're looking ahead to all the excitement of being able to share our resources and activities with a whole different set of people. As summer camps begin, we offer our Watershed Walkabout: Cape Fear program to local day camps in Pender, New Hanover, and Brunswick Counties. For those living farther away, we offer our Explore Your Watershed series of books to help inspire young explorers, environmentalists, and conservationists.

Our Watershed Walkabout: Cape Fear program consists of prepared activities that are grade and age specific, so whenever your camp theme is about the environment or marine creatures, you can have us come and do an activity with your campers. This program is great for those rainy days when outdoor fun might be cancelled and you need an alternative to regular camp scheduling. It's also a great way to get young minds to think outside the box when it comes to the world around them.

Scheduling a program is easy and the rate for one day is $80.25 (includes tax). Follow THIS LINK to see all the wonderful activities we can do and how to contact our Director of Education today!

Our Explore Your Watershed series consists of three books at different learning levels. Our Coloring and Activity Book is geared for younger explorers to "get their feet wet" by learning about some of our coastal ecosystems and local species. Coloring pages, mazes, word finds, and crossword puzzles are just some of the exciting things they can do throughout this book.

Our Adventure Guide is the book to have when wanting to be outside and exploring individual ecosystems. This guided book takes kids from learning about specific plants and animals to the types of water resources and soils in a given area. Follow the steps and use basic tools to take a deeper dive into our coast.

Our Nature Journal guides kids to use all their senses when exploring different ecosystems. They will learn about seasonal changes, observe and listen to varied bird calls and songs, and reflect on why certain areas were better suited for humans to live than others.

Follow THIS LINK to purchase any or all of our Explore Your Watershed books.

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