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Planting Seeds for New Beginnings

As we look back at 2022 in order to think ahead to 2023, we're taking stock in what an incredible year we've had. This spring was a big turning point in the four years we've been in business, with the inclusion of Onslow County Schools to our roster of Watershed Walkabout programming. We brought our program to 28 schools, which is over four times the amount we had in 2021 (mostly due to the demands of schools post-COVID)!

We also educated a total of 4,684 students through 24 activities, a huge jump from 2021. This means more children are not only aware of the environment around them, but more teachers are aware of who we are as a business. We worked extra hard last spring to deliver on our promise for "empowering, engaging, and exceptional learning experiences" and it paid off. We even engaged with Boys and Girls Club camps this summer and created a partnership with Cape Fear Academy for their afterschool ACE program.

That brings us to the second half of the school year and the beginning of a brand new calendar year. As we said goodbye to 2022 and welcomed in 2023, we have a lot of expansion on the horizon. We recently acquired a larger storage facility so that we can build on our highly successful Watershed Walkabout program, and have a space to sell our resource books from website orders. We will be doubling-up on our supplies to be able to accommodate larger classes or schools with more classes than we can usually see in a day.

We will be presenting three teacher workshops in January, one for each of our three largest counties we serve. We are hopeful that teachers are willing to come and learn how to incorporate ocean literacy, marine science, and environmental science into their science curriculum. Teachers will walk away with $50 worth of our resources and a better understanding of why we do the work we do in schools. These workshops will also be available to area teachers again in June.

By planting these seeds during the winter, we hope to blossom our business again in the spring and fall of this year. It brings us great joy to know that students are interested in the world around them and learning how to be better stewards of their environment. It also brings us joy and happiness that schools are engaging with us as we continue to grow and expand. These connections last a lifetime when teachers refer us to other teachers and schools ask us to return year after year.

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