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NEW Marine CSI Ambassadors Webinar Series

We're so excited to launch our brand new webinar series for educators wanting to go even further than our in-person workshops. Our Marine CSI Ambassadors program features three one-hour webinars, taking participants through a series of questions and tasks to really embark on an enhancement to their every day science curriculum.

Each webinar will detail the importance of supplemental education and what avenues participants can go to create "new waves" of learning for their students. This series correlates to our ever-popular Coastal Curriculum, where participants can take one lesson a week in environmental and marine science and incorporate it into their regular science for the year. They then can start to build out their repertoire by getting the right permissions to host an afterschool club or organization for their students or even start a brand new elective/special specifically around these subjects.

The main goal for our webinar series is to show educators that there's more to the curriculum than textbooks and laboratory experiments and testing. There's so much more that they can do with science education and Marine CSI wants to help them accomplish that with this webinar series. Once they've completed all three modules, with accompanying questions, they are required to attend and assist with an in-person workshop. From there, they will also learn how to host their own workshop series and trainer for their fellow educators.

We hope educators are just as excited about marine and environmental science as we are and want to share that love with their students, administrators, and other teachers. They can register and make a secure payment through our Marine CSI Ambassadors website. Cost is $150 and includes the three webinar modules, access to our exclusive private social media group, and their own copies of the Coastal Curriculum sent via mail.

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