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Getting Our Name Out

This week we've really pushed our way to the forefront of the community by getting on the list for STEM and STEAM nights. These events are free for us, free for the students and families, and are hosted by the schools who want their students to explore more STEM activities. Various groups and vendors come out and set up experiments and demonstrations and kids rotate from activity to activity.

This will be our first opportunity to really introduce our lessons and our new program to area schools. We will be going to two elementary schools and two middle schools, so our activities can be varied. For the elementary schools, we'll be doing an activity on marine mammals and blubber. It'll teach students how marine mammals are capable of diving to deeper, colder waters and also how they're able to migrate to the colder waters of the arctic. For the middle schools, we'll be doing an activity on sea turtle rehabilitation and triage. Students will be veterinarians, looking at what may have happened to sea turtle species that stranded along our coast.

We're excited to be a part of these special science nights and we hope to continue to spread our passion for marine and environmental education to the students here. We'll continue to post daily on our Facebook page for our themed days and we'll keep everyone aware of where we are and what we're doing in the community on our website!

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