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Earth Day Every Day

As we approach another Earth Day, we're reminded of how it all began: with a love of the great outdoors and wanting to protect and conserve our environment for future generations. That's been our motto for each and every lesson we teach through our programs, as well as what is expressed in each resource book we've published. Our hope is that more and more people will understand and appreciate our wildlife and ecosystems so that we all have a future on this planet.

Today marks a new milestone for our company, as we stretch ourselves beyond the confines of the classroom and begin to offer more to Girl Scouts. STEM is so important to our education platform, but girls in STEM is even more important to us. We're dedicating our time to work with scout troops to bring marine and environmental science directly into their hands, so that they not only fulfill the requirements of their badges, but so that they procure a love of the environment they can take into their future.

Our Director of Education began her journey going to the beaches of Rockaway and Coney Island as a child. Her teenage years were spent at the Jersey Shore. When she was introduced to Oceanography in high school, it solidified her pathway to a lifetime of marine science education. She hopes to be able to introduce that love at any age, but especially instill it in the littlest of conservationists.

Earth Day began with a vision, a dream, that we could all share in a planet with safe drinking water, clear air, and renewable resources. We want to continue that vision by offering our activities, our resources, and our knowledge to the next generation. Let's make Earth Day every day through our partnerships and commitment together. If you would like more information about our Girl Scout Badge offering, follow this link

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