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COVID-19 Update and Spring

As we are all going through a difficult time right now, with schools, businesses, and our everyday lives coming to a halt, we at Marine CSI have redesigned our programming to assist in the best way possible. Parents, who have long-since relied on teachers to provide a learning atmosphere for their kids, are now being asked to spend hours teaching them so they don't fall behind in school. All this, while juggling working from home and maintaining a sense of normalcy for their kids and themselves. It can be exhausting for just about everyone. We want to help.

Education is our number one priority and that's why we've updated our sample lesson plan page to include more fun activities that teachers can either demonstrate to their students via social media or parents can follow along and do with their kids at home. We've provided a sample lesson from each of the units in our books for each grade level FOR FREE! We're hoping that both teachers and parents can work together to provide some really great science learning experiences throughout this uncertain time. You can find them now at

Added to this, we've created a brand new Kids Page that has activities for all ages. Included are pictures to color, crossword puzzles and word finds, and scavenger hunts the kids can do in their backyards. We wanted to provide some extra science activities that are just for kids. We will be adding more content as we continue to stay at home, which will include links to other resources to learn about specific coastal ecosystems and species, as well as YouTube videos from some of our favorite biologists and explorers. We'd also like to add in a section called "ask the marine biologist" so that kids can ask our educators directly any questions they may have with their science work. You can find that page now at

Spring has sprung all around us, and we want everyone to see nature and our natural world for all its beauty in this trying time. Do you hear the spring peepers (frogs) singing at night by a pond, calling to their mates? Do you smell the lilacs, lavender, and honeysuckle that has come into bloom? Can you see how the daffodils and daisies have pushed their way up through the ground and sprouted with their beautiful colors? Although we hope to be back in the classroom this school year, teaching our hands-on lessons to local students, we are grateful for this time to see, hear, and feel spring.

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