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Changes Are Afoot (or Afloat?)

We've finally completed a very busy and very exciting school year with our outreach programs. This spring, we accomplished so much in such a short period of time, but we're not down for the count just yet. After eight full weeks of programs, we are updating, upgrading, and changing the layout of our main programs to meet the demands, needs, and educational standards of the region.

After careful consideration and tiresome program activity prep, some of our activities will be gone from our list for a while. We have rearranged them to create an overall better quality educational experience for each grade, tailoring them even more to fit with young explorers and budding conservationists. We will be attempting to add more fun items and equipment to enhance our already entertaining activities. These will require us to do a bit of research to find the best items, but we will do our best to make sure students walk away with so much more than we have given them already.

As for live animals, this is something that we have been evaluated on time and again and we would like to address it. Since we still run our business from a home address, space, time, and money to maintain live animal enclosures is near impossible. But that does not mean we've ruled it out completely. We have been and will continue to research companies, organizations, and reputable groups who have live animals that we may borrow, rent, or share for programs in the future. Collaborations are the best way for groups to import information into schools, homeschools, camps, and the community, and what better way than with live animal programs!

We will also be updating our Kids Page to reflect more fun and entertaining, but informational, games and activities this summer. Stayed tuned for more to come for everyone to enjoy!

And finally, our 2021-22 school year numbers have been tallied! We not only broke all kinds of our own records this year, but we were able to visit a new county that we will certainly be visiting again and again (thank you Onslow County Schools!). In total, we visited 20 elementary and 6 middle schools in 4 different counties! We educated over 4000 students with our activities. At least 4 entire schools were educated with our outreach program and we can't wait to return again next year.

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