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Back to the Basics

As we prepare to head back into schools this fall, we are reminded that we are still not in the clear of the pandemic and it is still out there. Although schools are trying to give students some sense of normalcy in the classroom by allowing them to return full time (five days with no online learning), some school districts are opting to remain socially distant, while others will still require masks.

As a business, we must adhere to all the changing rules as they come, but we must never forget the basics of what we do: education. At our core is this underlying inspiration to promote awareness and change in the minds of young people to better their future environment. Their curiosity about the world around them is what keeps us in business.

School teachers from three counties will be encouraged to bring us into their classrooms for altered activities that still adhere to some of the CDC recommended guidelines, but give students an opportunity to interact with each other again, giving them that sense of normalcy. Smaller groups and easily sanitized materials help us to continue the work we do and help students and teachers feel safer about having us come to their classroom. We will also be asking teachers to provide us with one room that students can rotate into, rather than us going from room to room, to eliminate cross-contamination.

Homeschool parents and co-ops are also encouraged to have us do an activity with their kids. Those parents who choose to keep their kids home to teach them can also supplement their lessons with us this fall. With more parents choosing this option, we hope to be a part of their school year as well.

We're going back to our basics this fall with our Watershed Walkabout: Cape Fear outreach education program. It's where we began our journey as a business and it's where we know we can continue to do our best. Join us this fall at a school, home, or co-op facility near you!

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