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Summer Fun in the Sun

We know that school was a little bit wonky this year, but we don't want summer to be too. As we have had to traverse the difficult and sometimes confusing pandemic, we have had to make some necessary changes to our own programming and offering.

Going into the new school in the fall, whatever that looks like for our local schools, we will be adjusting our supplies so that everything that can be laminated will be. This way, after every class we teach with our lessons, the supplies can be wiped down and disinfected for the next class to use. Also, we're looking at how much it will cost to ensure that we have enough supplies for each class to use independently. This will be better for the students and for our instructors and then supplies can be properly cleaned at the end of the day.

For the summer, we are two thirds of the way through our Explore Your Watershed series! Check out our Kids Page ( for the PDF of the Coloring and Activity Book. You can also purchase the book for $5 on Amazon (click photo for link).

Our Adventure Guide is at the publishers and will be completed THIS WEEK! Stay tuned on our website at our Resources Page as well as on social media for the big announcement ( when it is published. It will be available on Amazon right in time for summer!

We to bring kids some type of normalcy this summer with this series, for them to really get out in the sun and still social distance as much as possible. There's so much to explore and so many ecosystems right along our coast, that they can't be missed this summer, even if plans are altered.

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