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STEAM Program Marine CSI Partners with Ashley High

Here is a great first look at our new partnership with Ashley High School in New Hanover County, NC! Thank you to the Star News for posting this today!

Students learned about cold water and warm water currents using the experiment for "Going Up?".

Posted Nov 6, 2018 at 11:00 AM

Marine CSI: Coastal Science Investigations provides resources for K-12 educators.

WILMINGTON -- Marine CSI: Coastal Science Investigations has now partnered with Ashley High School to provide fun, interactive, and informative STEAM lessons (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) to their Marine Science Academy and marine science cohort classes. Watershed Walkabout: Cape Fear brought science out of the textbooks and into their hands on Friday with an experiment on ocean currents.

“Going Up?” is a lesson that provides a visual adaptation of cold and warm water currents, where the students were able to demonstrate an upwelling event off the coast of NC. As with all experiments, the students had to perfect their technique of adding cold water to the warm water to get the best results. This lesson showed the students how to work together as a team, how to use the scientific method, and how to interpret the results of the experiment.

Watershed Walkabout: Cape Fear is being offered to all K-12 schools and teachers are encouraged to check out the website, for more information on pricing and to schedule lessons.

Marine CSI: Coastal Science Investigations has been run and operated by Kimberly Belfer since 2014 and has provided resources for K-12 educators throughout the country. Just recently she moved back to Wilmington after a nine year hiatus and is bringing this new outreach program into schools. These lessons are correlated to the Next Generation Science Standards, as well as the N.C. Essential Standards for Science.

Belfer can be emailed directly at

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