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Spring Has Sprung With New Programs Available

Marine CSI is proud to announce that we have begun our spring in a bright new way, with TWO new opportunities! The first opens today - Watershed Walkabout: Young Ecologists. This program is specifically designed and adapted for the littles ages 3-5 years. We want to share our love of marine science with as many students as possible and that includes the little explorers.

Just like our other Watershed Walkabout programs, Young Ecologists centers around basic marine science and exploration of our underwater world in a rotation-style classroom setting. We bring the same concepts as our regular K-12 program, but designed for inquiring little minds and short attention spans. Each activity lasts approximately 30-40 minutes instead of one hour, and we focus a lot on fine motor skills, where students are asked to work with coloring, stickers, gluing, and pouring water. There's even an activity where students will have to "rescue" sea life from marine debris, by using their hands to untangle the string from their animal friends!

Our pilot school for this program will be Cape Fear Academy's ACE afterschool enrichment program. Each week, students that participate in the program will be introduced to different marine life and exciting hands-on activities. We begin on March 21st and run for 8 weeks, each Thursday. If your student goes to Cape Fear Academy, there's still time to register for our Marine CSI afterschool program!

Our second opportunity is almost ready to unveil, but we'll give you a sneak peek. As part of our growing teacher workshop series, we will be offering an online webinar that will get you even farther than our regular in-person workshops! We hope to educate and train a new set of teachers this year into becoming Marine CSI Ambassadors. Our Ambassador program costs $150 and you will receive all the online modules and access to our resources we provide our regular attendees. The modules are designed to guide you through a series of workshops to eventually become an Ambassador of marine science education. For a detailed look at what's to come, you can access the site directly: Marine CSI Ambassadors.

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