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Rockin' and Rollin'

As we roll on through the first semester fully back inside the classroom, we are pleased to welcome some new schools to our roster! This year, we have creatively marketed to some public charter schools and homeschools and that has really opened up new avenues for our programs. We'd like to take the time to welcome OCEAN Homeschool Center and Coastal Preparatory Academy to the Marine CSI family!

OCEAN Homeschool Center will be a treat for us, as we'll get to do two marine science series with their 6th-12th grade students, one in the fall and one in the spring. This fall, we'll be with them once a week for four weeks teaching them about barrier islands, salt marshes, blue crabs, and sea turtles. Each lesson is specifically designed for those grades and students will work in small groups to understand our local ecosystems.

Coastal Preparatory Academy's third grade has chosen one of our favorite activities to do with their students: Turtles, Turtles, Everywhere. Students will learn about three different species of turtles and differentiate between them using a box of clues and things they will learn about their habitats, their food, and what might eat them.

Also on our list of returning schools is Island Montessori School and College Park Elementary. Although we've already been to both of these schools in the past, we're continuing to work with them post-COVID hybrid scheduling. With Island Montessori, we'll be working with the lower elementary group this time instead of the upper elementary group. They will be learning the difference between sand particles that have been eroded over landscapes, ones made of mostly minerals, and sand particles that have been eroded by water, ones made of mostly skeletal remains of animals.

College Park Elementary School will be one of our largest undertakings so far this year, as the principal would like us to teach the WHOLE school! That means we'll be there for 6 days, teaching one grade a day with some really cool hands-on activities. We're working out the details, but we've already started planning our lessons for December and we can't wait to bring Marine CSI to their school.

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