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Empowering, Engaging, Exceptional

These three words fully embody what Marine CSI has accomplished and continues to achieve through its programs, resources, and work locally. We strive to empower students of all ages to work together to problem-solve, think critically, and work through the scientific method to understand the myriad of coastal ecosystems and processes. We empower educators - those inside the classroom and out, those who are certified and those who choose to homeschool - through our resources that are available both on our website and at events/workshops.

We engage in hands-on learning, so that students and educators can visualize a particular topic. From creating a barrier island that is destroyed by tropical storms to becoming archaeologists on the hunt for fossils, all of our activities and lessons encourage conversations, grab their attention, and keep them interested without realizing they're experiencing an educational program.

We pride ourselves on being exceptional as a company, in the way in which we engage and keep our clients, as a resource, in the way in which we research and provide information to educators, and as a top community-based outreach program, in the way in which we provide our low-cost lessons and activities. Our lesson plans have all been correlated and refined to match state and national science standards, as well as ocean literacy and climate literacy standards.

As we continue to grow and reassess our vision, we want to remind ourselves and others that we are truly a company that works with and for the education of the future. Students who have very little science in their everyday curriculum, teachers and schools who cannot afford field trips, and parents who have made the difficult decision to homeschool, need our help and guidance and we want to continue to be a great resource in the community. We are a company that is an "empowering, engaging, exceptional learning experience."

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