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Marine Hues Cure Winter Blues

As the winter weather fluctuates in our area, we're pushing for a great way to cure those winter blues. Hands-on, classroom-based activities pick up the pace right after winter break, so students get back into the gear of learning again. It provides a means of learning that does not require a field trip on a bus.

So this past month, we set aside some time to promote our lessons, new and well-used, to teachers in the area. This year, we've included Pender County to our list, so we have now expanded northward as well as south! Our hope is that by expanding our lesson offering as well as our reach, we'll educate even more students.

Our efforts have already begun to pay off, as we've been contacted by several schools so far. We've got one elementary school in all three counties signed on to February, March, and April, but we're not done yet! We've got plenty of dates available until the end of the school year and with 35 lessons, there's so much we can teach.

It's our intention to cure the winter blues one classroom and one student at a time. We're prepared to go swimmingly into spring, so that students are better prepared to understand the important science concepts taught in their curriculum. We want them to love and enjoy these ecosystems inside the classroom, so that when summer comes, they have even more love for them them outside.

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