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Fall Promotions

Today, we're setting aside to promote some of our exciting books we have to offer for teachers, parents, homeschoolers, guardians, and anyone who would love to explore science education with kids of all ages. Some people have told us they wished they had these kinds of activities when they were kids and others have said they appreciate us for putting together such a wonderful compilation of lessons and activities in one place.

Before Marine CSI: Coastal Science Investigations was a business venture, we were a series of resource books. These books are still available for purchase on Amazon and still help us in keeping our business afloat during the pandemic times. They are decently priced at $30 each and contain over 75 lessons for a multitude of grade levels. They are also separated into units to help add them into the already packed science curriculum throughout the year. Along with these books, we have also included student workbooks for $9.50 each. These workbooks contain pictures, worksheets, and instructions to the lessons in the resources books.

This summer, as part of our pandemic-get-outside promotion, we developed two books in a new series called Explore Your Watershed. Each book is perfect for young explorers to get outside, use all their senses, and learn a bit about the natural world around them. Both books are also available on Amazon for purchase, and costs go to purchasing of supplies for our Watershed Walkabout program. The Coloring and Activity Book is great for first-time explorers and early learners who want to not only learn about the natural world, but have fun with the crossword puzzles, word finds, coloring pages, and mazes. The Adventure Guide is perfect for older elementary and middle school explorers. Each section is designated with a different color and each color designates a different coastal ecosystem. Activities are easy to follow along.

Explore Your Watershed Coloring and Activity Book and Adventure Guide

Check out our books on Amazon and help us keep our business going and growing during these tough pandemic and "new normal" times. We also have cool examples of some lessons directly on our website, as well as the ability to download your own version of the coloring and activity book, but Amazon allows you to "look inside" each book as a preview before purchasing. Every day we explore our natural world and bring science into the classroom, into the home, and online, is another day our business stays open and our planet stays strong.

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