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Fall Field Trips

As we begin feeling the effects of the changing seasons, we want everyone to know that we are prepared to bring the outside in with our outreach program locally and our resource books outside the Southeast NC area. We've worked hard to tailor our program to NC Essential Standards and all of our resources correlate to the Next Generation Science Standards.

For schools located in Pender, New Hanover, and Brunswick Counties, our Watershed Walkabout: Cape Fear program utilizes the Cape Fear River and its tributaries as the background for all of our activities, using information about local plant and animal species. When we come to your school, we've done the research into what's in your backyard and will talk to your students about the things they might see the next time they go fishing or crabbing or hiking.

Our resource books range from teacher/educator lesson plans and accompanying student workbooks, to our Explore Your Watershed series for kids ages 6+, to our Girl Scouts NC Coastal Pines book with activities tailored to meet the needs of badge and patch requirements. Over the last two years we've built these resources to compliment our outreach program and they are now all available to purchase directly from our website!

With so many ways to learn about our coastal ecosystems, the sky's the limit with Marine CSI! Bring the outside in today with any or all of our books and programs.

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