Sample Lesson Plans

Below are sample lessons for each grade group. The links will open as PDF files.

Grades K - 2:

  • S'more Heat - It's getting hot out there and the earth is warming up! The effects of this change can be felt around the world. Students will make and use a solar oven to demonstrate how the atmosphere traps heat and how climate change is affecting our coastal ecosystems. (craft/art component)

Grades 3 - 5:

  • Turtles, Turtles, EverywhereBox turtles, terrapins, and sea turtles are three species that represent different habitats along our coast. Based on clues about their nesting areas, food sources, predators, and home ranges, students will determine which species belongs to which habitat. (craft/art component)

Grades 6 - 8:

  • "Sum of the Parts" - In a watershed, water flows downward from the mountains to the ocean as part of the great water cycle on earth. So what we put into our waterways affects everything down to the ocean. Students will elaborate on people pollution by exploring what happens when someone else’s trash winds up in your backyard down-river. (craft/art component)

Grades 9 -12:

  • Calcium Carbonate Calamity - Acids can accumulate in our atmosphere from the fossil fuels we burn. As more acid is added to sea water through the water cycle, shell-producing organisms are disappearing. In this experiment, students will use vinegar to demonstrate how acidification is affecting our coastal organisms.

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