Watershed Walkabout: Cape Fear For Homeschool Groups

Our featured outreach program is an interactive, inquiry-based opportunity with 35 grade-appropriate STEAM lessons, taught exclusively to students in the Southeastern NC area.  These lessons are all correlated to the Next Generation Science Standards, NC Essential Standards, and Ocean and Climate Literacy Standards.  Check out how we meet the standards HERE.

Here's how it works:

Choose from ONE lesson or our PROGRAM SERIES (see below), contact our Director of Education to schedule a day or days suitable for your group, and we'll bring the science to you! Each lesson is hands-on, so students get the most out of the 45-minute lessons as possible.

Cost is PER STUDENT and there is a minimum of 4 students per program:

One Lesson = $40 + tax = $42.80

4-Week Series = $120 + tax = $128.40

15-Week Series = $250 + tax = $267.50

Registration must be made at least one week in advance and cancellations must be made within 24 hours of the scheduled date. (PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

Our COVID-19 and CDC Updates:

We have altered our lessons to the best of our ability. Because our lessons are hands-on and interactive, students will be working together in small groups with shared materials. Please go HERE to view our updates for each individual lesson we offer.

Drawing Time
Biology Class

Individual lessons and descriptions can be found on our main Watershed Walkabout: Cape Fear Page

4 - Week Series Lessons:

Week One - Barrier Islands

K - 1st Grade: Sand Critters

2nd - 3rd Grade: One Shell or Two

4th - 5th Grade: Share and Share Alike

Middle School: Anatomy of a Beach

High School: A Diplomatic Island

Week Two - Estuaries

K - 1st Grade: Sea Jellies Among Us

2nd - 3rd Grade: "Web of Life"

4th - 5th Grade: Invading Your Space

Middle School: Terrapin Bingo

High School: A Little Crab on a Big Decline

Week Three - Climate Change

K - 1st Grade: From the Poles to the Coast

2nd - 3rd Grade: Sealed With Blubber

4th - 5th Grade: Sea Level is On the Rise

Middle School: Calcium Carbonate Calamity

High School: It's Getting Hot in Here

Week Four - People Pollution

K - 1st Grade: We Are All Connected

2nd - 3rd Grade: Alternate Route

4th - 5th Grade: "Incredible Journey"

Middle School: "Sum of the Parts"

High School: Sea Turtle Salvation

15 - Week Series Lessons (Middle and High School Only):

Week One - Introduction To Environmental Science

Middle School: Made From Land, Made From Sea

High School: Going Up?

Week Two - Ecosystems and Habitats

Explore Your Watershed Adventure Guide Activity (outdoors, both groups)

Week Three - Introduction to Ecology

"Web of Life" (both groups)

Week Four - Environmental Needs: Shelter

One Shell or Two (both groups)

Week Five - Environmental Needs: Adaptations

Middle School: Elasmo-Craze

High School: It's a Mutual Thing

Week Six - Environmental Needs: Food

Magnificent Microbiota (both groups)

Week Seven - Predators and Prey: Competition

Middle School: Invading Your Space

High School: Are You Fit to Survive?

Week Eight - Introduction to Marine Science

Microscope Mania (both groups)

Week Nine - Migrations and Open Ocean

Mighty Migrations (both groups)

Week Ten - Coastal Ecosystems: Barrier Islands

Middle School: Anatomy of a Beach

High School: Invading Your Space

Week Eleven - Coastal Ecosystems: Estuaries

Middle School: Terrapin Bingo

High School: Sea Level is On the Rise

Week Twelve - People Pollution

Middle School: "Sum of the Parts"

High School: Share and Share Alike

Week Thirteen - Human Food Competition

Middle School: A Little Crab on a Big Decline

High School: Tragedy of the Commons

Week Fourteen - Human Adaptations

Middle School: Marine CSI

High School: A Diplomatic Island

Week Fifteen - Marine Conservation

Middle School: Sea Turtle Salvation

High School: Calcium Carbonate Calamity