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Marine CSI: Coastal Science Investigations has so much to offer both educators and students. From hands-on lessons, to resource guides, to teacher training workshops, we offer the best quality information at the best price. For those educators in the New Hanover County, NC school system, we have a brand new K-12 program called Watershed Walkabout: Cape Fear. If you're not from around here, it's okay. We've got educator resources available online or at special events. On here, you can receive a sample lesson or you'll be directed to our Amazon.com page to purchase one of our easy-to-use resources. Come explore and teach Marine CSI with us!

Our Program


New to New Hanover County, NC, we have an exciting K-12 program called Watershed Walkabout: Cape Fear. Also available are Marine CSI teacher workshops.

  • Grades K-2

  • Grade 3-5

  • Middle School

  • High School

Classes & Workshops

Watershed Walkabout | Southport Elem. 11/18/19


The traditional school year has begun and we're getting started with our Watershed Walkabout:Cape Fear lessons. We're headed to Southport Elementary School to teach Kindergarteners about the food web of the salt marsh and specific estuary species. In particular, we'll talk about how pollution harms these species and how it alters the food web over time.

Marine CSI Workshops | DATE TBA

Stay tuned for updates on when we'll be presenting another workshop for teachers and informal educators. We'll post information about the date and time and which lessons we'll be presenting. Our goal is to reach as many educators as we can through free or low-cost workshops.

Festival and Events | DATE TBA

Stay tuned for updates on when we'll be at community events. We'll post information about the date and time and where we'll be heading next. We had such a great turnout at LakeFest in Wilmington in September and we can't wait to share our resources at our next event! We'll have sample lesson plans and brochures for parents and teachers, and a matching game and giveaways for kids.

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